Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

My 2 inch plug collection, minus the two pair on bottom left (1 3/4”)

Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

My 2 inch plug collection, minus the two pair on bottom left (1 3/4”)

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3/4” TD carved from 120 million year old ammonite from Madagascar…

Damn those are sexy..

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Feelin fancy as fuck on this fine ass evening :)


Brass, Amethyst and Ebony Weights by Quetzalli Jewelry



Brass, Amethyst and Ebony Weights by Quetzalli Jewelry


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My response to cultural appropriation and body modification industry….a conversation initiated by Alan Vedge..

Dear Alan, I appreciate you initiating a conversation like this .. It is also my hope that you read this with an open mind and heart…

I am speaking to you from the perspective of a…

This, ten times over! You and your beautiful mind are so awesome! Thank you so much :)

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My 2 inch Borostone plugs from Glasswear Studios arrived yesterday, and they are nothing short of amazing.. I couldn’t possibly be happier!

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Give away time! Sorry for it taking ages to actually happen.

There will be FIVE(5) winners. Everyone will get to pick a set until there are no more left to be chosen.

Set one(1) includes:
Purple Crackle Quartz, Rose Quartz Chunk, Orange Calcite Chunk, Green Calcite Chunk, Shark tooth, Tumbled green banded Fluorite, Green Jasper chunk and a not shown surprise pendant.

Set two(2) includes: Dark Pink Crackle Quartz Point, Small Amethyst point, Tumbled Fluorite, Quartz Point, Utah Topaz, and a small Pyrite Cluster and a not shown surprise pendant.

Set three(3) includes: Pink Crackle Quartz, Shark tooth pendant, small Ameythst geode cluster, Quartz Point, rough Labradorite, and a tumbled agate.

Set four(4) includes: Yellow Crackle Quartz, Zebradorite stone chunk, Shark tooth, small Amethyst goede piece, Wire wrapped crystal chip bottle pendant, and tumbled Fluorite.

Set five(5) includes: Blue Crackle Quartz, Tumbled Hematite(The jelly bean shaped rock), Zebradorite chunk, Wire wrapped Agate pendant, Green Jasper chunk and a amethyst geode chunk.

How to enter:
Please be following us!
Like and/or Reblog this post.
International reblogs are more then welcome! But please understand if you win it will take a little longer for us to ship it out to you.

That’s about it, Pretty plain and simple. :)

NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS PLEASE. And please don’t spam your followers with this post.

Have fun and good luck! 
Giveaway will end  and the winners will be picked during the middle of MARCH :D Plenty of time to enter.
For 100% complete fairness a random number generator will be used to pick all the winners.

This giveaway is 100% real and winners will actually be picked and sent their items.


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I reached my goal size today, and let me tell you… it feels fucking amazing :)

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Anonymous said: Are you a regular viewer of The Modified World?





I’m not a regular viewer of anything on Youtube. I’ve seen a few episodes though and while I don’t always agree with some of the things JC says or does, I respect him a lot for the time and dedication that show takes. It can’t possibly be easy to come up with a new topic to discuss every week. I’m glad he’s doing his best to fight the good fight on that website, but I don’t envy what he’s doing lol.

Real quick- what do I say or do that you disagree with? I hear some piercers say that all the time, yet they never specify. I’ve been piercing 20 years in March of this year, been internally threaded since before the days most piercers were still defending their use of MM, and base my procedures ONLY off of the best evidence available (rather than what is cheap, convenient, or strictly “legal” at the moment). I even use the platform to promote others, WITHOUT them paying me….even if they will send people 100 miles out of their way to keep from referring to me! So please, spell it out for me. 

While I certainly won’t try to speak for any other piercers, so I’ll just say the things I personally am not a big fan of. Honestly, it’s mostly the (often times unnecessary) use of punches in your videos. Helix piercings, conch piercings, industrials, stuff that if you really wanted to pierce that way, an o-needle would be a better option in my opinion to post in such a public format. We all know that punches fall in a pretty “grey area” legally in this country, I just wish that the only real piercing show on Youtube wouldn’t use them so freely. Especially when there is a perfectly legal alternative that would give you the exact same result for piercings 10g and smaller(currently).

Aside from that, I think you do a great job. I really do. As I’ve said, it can’t possibly be easy to come up with a new topic to talk about every week. I’ve got a lot of respect for the work you put into that show and a lot of respect for you for the amount of outreach that you’re doing for this industry. Saying that I don’t always agree with everything you say was not meant to be any sort of insult. We can have differing opinions while still trying to reach the same goal, which is public outreach on safe piercings.

Thank you so much for your kind words and honest feedback- lots of people generally won’t give a truthful opinion, and I thank you. I wish the situation in the U.S. surrounding punches was different. I hate the fact that reputable piercers usually hide their use of punches, even from each other, over fear. It’s a sad statement about America when the people actively self-censor because a statute/act/code says that a handle magically turns a “needle” into a “medical device”, despite the fact that a 5 year old can look at them and tell they’re the exact same thing (only one is sharper and easier to use). Hopefully, some day soon, we can do our jobs without having to compromise, but until then, it takes bravery to stand in the face of injustice. Just like how we wouldn’t start using piercing guns if the state made us, we SHOULD be standing up for our peers and demanding the right to use the best tools for the job. 

I didn’t take it as an insult either, for the record…I just figured you’d give me a straight answer! Keep up the good work answering the myriad of question you get- I’ve got something in the neighborhood of 1400 or so, and I do not have your patience in answering them- it takes a ton of work to provide a legit piercing Q&A forum. I know I appreciate it, and hope you keep it up!


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